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The days of Dyno dependency are over. AFR data viewing, in real driving situations, is the new standard. Troubleshoot in minutes with the SAFR, a plug and play diagnostic tool from Dobeck Performance.

Easily installed on most motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs the SAFR provides a simple analog gauge with a wideband O2 system that displays the vehicle's air / fuel ratio (AFR) values and allows riders to fully understand how their vehicle is running. The SAFR is a diagnostic tool which ensures the vehicle is running at optimum levels on the street or in the dirt. It is not intended to be a permanent installation. The unit is fully compatible with carbureted and fuel injected vehicles. Also works on 4-stroke or 2-stroke engines.

View complete information at www.SAFRtool.com

The AFR+ brings together two technologies within one system to make it the most powerful, user-friendly tuning device on the market. AFR+ combines an EFI controller with a wideband O2 sensor and AFR gauge to provide a user instant fuel trimming ability and feedback about their vehicle's state of tune.

The AFR+ can handle ALL your fueling needs or COMPLIMENT ECU downloads or already installed EFI controllers. The AFR gauge allows you to KNOW exactly how well your tune-up is performing. The EFI fueling allows you to CONTROL any necessary fine tuning without spending more money or valuable time.

View complete information at www.AFRplus.com

Less shop time means more ride time. The Electronic Jet Kit (EJK) is the #1 EFI controller on the market for installation time to riding with great performance. Plug and play does not just refer to connectors to make installation easy, but the EJK comes programmed and ready to go for stage 1 (after-market pipe and air cleaner) modifications. Forget downloading maps. Forget looking up settings. The EJK installs in mere minutes and you are off to a better, more powerful, smoother ride.

View complete information at www.ElectronicJetKit.com

For over a decade the Techlusion Fuel Injection (TFI) controller has been helping riders experience better drivability and increased throttle response without added complexity. Forget the feature creep of today's EFI controllers and stick to the basics of tuning logic. The relationship of tuning zones to carburetor logic makes the TFI easy to understand. The four pots allow for quick, mechanical adjustments instead of push buttons and colored displays. If you are looking for a simple device to maximize your vehicle's performance then put the TFI on today.

View complete information at www.TFIcontrollers.com

The AXIS dynamometer from Dobeck Performance allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose all running aspects of a vehicle. The AXIS dyno brings a NEW standard of stationary road testing for motorcycles, trikes, ATVs, side-by-sides and scooters.

View complete information at www.AxisDyno.com

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